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Summer Home Selling Tips That’ll Get Your Home Noticed

Despite some of the economic slowdowns over the past couple of months, real estate has remained strong and this summer is ramping up to be a competitive season for both buyers and sellers. But no matter what the market’s doing, you want to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. These summer home selling tips will make sure your house is looking its best.

Ensnare Buyers with These Home Selling Tips

buyers touring a home in summer

They key to selling quickly and for top dollar is getting buyers to fall in love—and that means making your home as appealing as possible. In the summer, that includes exterior factors like landscaping, interior aesthetics, and even temperature and overall comfort levels.

Here’s how to get your home ready for summer selling.

Work the landscaping

gardening and summer home selling tips

Spring blooms might be charming, but if left unchecked, they can quickly turn into a summertime jungle—which isn’t very appealing to buyers. Before you list, and up until you close, make sure you’re spending some time each week to mow the lawn, trim back hedges, weed garden beds, and water your plants if it hasn’t rained in a few days.

Highlight outdoor areas

a beautiful back deck

During the summer, buyers look for ways to spend time outside at home—especially now that access is restricted in public areas. If you have some nice outdoor spaces, like a deck, patio, or pool, make sure you let buyers know! Add some furniture to showcase your spot’s usability and versatility. Take pictures. Talk about it in your listing. Make sure it’s mentioned in showings. Let buyers know how great your home is—inside and out.

Turn down the AC

adjusting the thermostat

It’s hot out there, and buyers want to come inside to cool off. Now isn’t the time to be watching the electricity bill; you might have to turn the thermostat down a bit to ensure buyers feel comfortable when they step inside. Not only does an uncomfortable temperature lead to an uncomfortable touring experience, it can also cause buyers to wonder if there’s a problem with your cooling system.

Offer refreshments

bottled water

Since you’ve got buyers feeling comfortable, you’d might as well help them feel at home, too. Set out water bottles or perhaps some (packaged for safety) snacks. Encourage buyers to linger and enjoy your home; it’s more time for them to fall in love.

Thinking of Listing a Home in the Triangle This Summer?

Are you thinking of selling a home this summer? Contact 220 Agents today to learn more about how we can price your home accurately, get it looking fantastic, and list it for top dollar. We’re always here to answer any questions.

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